Harnett Land Surveying, Inc
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About Us

Harnett Land Surveying is located in the West End of the City of Johnstown, Pa.  We've been at this location since 1978. The company is now a solo operation.

Our services include but are not limited to

Boundary Line Retracement (Residential, Commercial and Municipal)
Elevation Surveys
ALTA Surveys
Minor Subdivisions


Boundary Disputes

House Stakeout

We focus on and welcome boundary line disputes (and solutions) from start to finish.  Our in-depth research and field investigations lead to more thorough understanding of your case.

As each property line is relative to the others, marking one line, typically a disputed line, is not something we typically do.  Property boundaries are, or should be, closed figures.  We use your deed as a guide to finding the original location of your boundaries.